• November 14, 2023

Entertainment Industry cannot survive without Corporate Entities —Yemata D Laughing Matter

Entertainment Industry cannot survive without Corporate Entities —Yemata D Laughing Matter
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By Alusine Fullah

In an exclusive interview with Siaka Kamara popular on stage as Yemata D laughing Matter has stated the importance of the corporate entities in making sure that the entertainment industry succeeds. He said: “Corporate bodies are very key to success of our activities as entertainers. We cannot survive without their help… corporate entities like the banks have money to support us…”

He went further to highlight some of his massive contribution for the past years in the entertainment industry.

I have been around this place to see the transformation of our entertainment industry to where it is today, particularly comedy. Daniel Moseray and his crew brought to our screens the usual ‘Wan Pot’ Show which showcased talents in comedy that we still hold so dear. Today, Stand Up comedy ignited by the Nigerians has helped us believe that we can still laugh not only by seeing how funny comedians appear to look but also how hilarious, entertaining and educating their words are. Recently, we have had few Sierra Leoneans (brothers) who are making a niche for themselves in this area. Desmond Benya, Yemata, Kindo Amani, Agaba, Oga Worwor, Faculty, Mammy Thomas, Richie Obama to name but a few are popular names attached to comedy in Sierra Leone currently bringing us fun via social media.

He is an outstanding stand-up comedian in Sierra Leone who has earned his reputation over the years. The laughing matter is known for his humorous prinks and funny jokes, which usually dislocates his audience from their sitting positions.

The laughing matter has won a lot awards. For instance, in 2022, the Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians (SLAAM) awarded Yemata as the best comedian. Apart from that he also won the best Tik Tok Comedian of the year, best Diaspora Comedian. He also won best entertainment Comedian 2021/2022. In terms educational qualification, the Laughing Matter has been a top-notch compare to his colleagues.

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