• February 17, 2023


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Hon. Justice Hannah Bonnie has Wednesday 15th February 2023 slammed an interim injunction on the All People’s Congress Interim Transition Governance Committee, restraining them from holding the National Delegates’ Conference on 17th, 18th and 19th.

Despite rulings by Hon Justice Adrian Fisher of High Court No 1, on 23rd November 2022 and on 27th January 2023 that the APC-ITGC should hold the party’s NDC on the said dates in February 2023, the injunction filed on Wednesday 15 by Francis Kai Gbondo against thirty-two others, has put on hold all activities leading to the conference slated to commence in Makeni today.

The ITGC Chairman Alfred Peter Conteh in a public statement issued on Thursday 16th February 2023 following the injunction notice, announced the postponement of the conference to an unknown date. Conteh reassured that the ITGC will appropriately communicate a date to the public and the entire membership of the APC when the NDC will be held.

In accordance with the court order, the Sierra Leone Police said in receipt of the court instruction on the said interim injunction, revoked an assurance issued Wednesday to provide security coverage to the APC-ITGC NDC.

A press release from the Media and Public Relations Department Police Headquarters George Street, Freetown, states that: “Whilst preparations were ongoing to provide security coverage for the National Delegates Conference, the office of the Inspector General on Wednesday 15th February 2023, received a High Court Order, which slammed an Interim Injunction on the All People’s Congress from holding the said National Delegates Conference”.

In view of thereof Police has withdrawn the Inspector General’s approval to provide security coverage to the APC NDC and the revocation of the earlier Police Clearance issued on 15th February 2023.

Speaking on injunction slammed on the ITGC on Thursday 16 February the Secretary and Head of Secretariat ITGC, Hon Abdul Kargbo said the APC is not involved in any court case and the said unsigned injunction notice on social media distanced the ITGC from the matter.

Hon Kargbo said that there are people within and outside the party who do not want the APC to have a flag bearer, pointing out that there are also certain people who think that the court is the only battle ground to fight the APC.

He expressed fears that Sierra Leoneans should be worried that three to four months to the June multitier elections there is still no flag bearer for the APC.

Communications Lead of the Sierra Leone Judiciary Hon Justice Fisher has gone for ‘study’ which is why the injunction filed was handed over to Hon Justice Hannah Bonnie, since the court cannot wait for Hon Justice, as such matter should be placed in the hands of other competent Judge.

However out and about in the streets to gauge views on the injunction filed on the eve of the APC NDC, FORUM reporters received mixed reactions from the public with most of them expressing their regrets at receiving news of placing injunction of the APC NDC. They therefore appealed to put their indifferences behind them, elect a flag bearer and go into the elections with collective efforts so that they can win.

Sources at the Chamber of Chief Justice of the Sierra Leone Judiciary, Hon Justice Desmond Berbatunde Edwards is reported to have called on APC lawyers to respond to the injunction. The source revealed that the APC National Delegates’ Conference said to have been approved to go on as planned by the necessary authorities from the Sierra Leone Judiciary.

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