• March 13, 2023

Politics or Not Jagaban Promises More Goodies

Politics or Not Jagaban Promises More Goodies
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One of the leading aspirants for the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) vice presidential candidacy, Alhaji Sheik Mohamed Ormodu Kamara fondly known as Jagaban, has last Friday 10 March 2023 promised to continue with his excellent works for humanity support to Sierra Leoneans.


Alhaji Sheik Kamara said even if he is not named as the running mate to the APC presidential candidate for the June 24 election, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, he will continue to works for Sierra Leoneans. Jagaban made the statement in an interview with popular online TV Wi Yard.


Asked why he is in politics and with the APC, he replied: “It is the right choice to support Dr Samura Kamara and the APC party. And gone are the days when there were sayings that the APC is northerner party.”


“I am not in politics for power but to serve humanity and work towards re-electing the APC party back to power and Dr Samura Kamara goes to State House come June 24”, he said.


He said the politics of the nation is not about him, nor about Dr Samura Kamara but the people of Sierra Leone. “I don’t care about getting anything but to help the APC win the election. I am very proud of the south and east. The southeast will pull votes for the APC than any other constituencies and regions this time around, because the APC does not only belong to the northerners as it is being wrongly perceived by the SLPP.


“The APC is a family party with space and provisions for all Sierra Leoneans. So, my south and easterner brothers and sisters let us close ranks and keep our brotherhood intact” and encouraged APC members and followers in the south and east not to backdown because of fear.


He therefore inspired south and easterners to stay focused with their heads rights up as this is the time for them to get theirs as the political landscape is going to change.


Alhaji Sheik Kamara informed that the June 24 polls has secured space for the APC party to secure meaningful votes from the south and the east regions of Sierra Leone. he added that it is no more business as usual. He therefore inspired south and easterners not to be afraid of any intimidation but to turn out in their Chinese numbers and cast their votes for APC come Saturday 24 June.


Regarding his personal safety, security and probable violent allegations against him from government and the ruling SLPP party, Alhaji Kamara said: “There is no need for violence. I am a Muslim. Islam does not tolerate violence”.


Alhaji Sheik Mohamed O. Kamara whose name Jagaban means ‘lead’ and ‘follow’ in Hausa, revealed how he got his inspirations from former President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, whom he recalled ran the country very well like a business.


He said whenever he is in Sierra Leone is to serve people in different communities, which is why he always check the police stations and the court rooms to know what people are faced with in terms of sustaining livelihood aids, noting that his priority are communities he visits, know their needs, and try to address them, no matter their respective affiliations and status.

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