• March 13, 2023


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By Idrisa Hamza Kamara & Henry Kargbo

Leader of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) in the House of Parliament, Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah popularly known as Chericoco, has last Friday 10th March 2023 taken a message of hope to the people of Koindu in Kailahun district, eastern Sierra Leone.


The wind of change is blowing vigorously and the people have also sensed the need for the coming of the APC party, come June 24… “The APC party is ready to take up state governance come June 24 and Koindu will be the hub of transformation under the next APC led government”, Hon Chericoco reassured residents of Koindu and the entire Kailahun district.

Hon Bah observed that the only time Sierra Leone is faced with deep economic recession and hyperinflation is when Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara is not part of the country’s financial policy formulators.


He informed that the result is evident as the present regime is unable and unfit to address the country’s present economic challenges.


Hon Chericoco therefore instilled hopes and confidence in all and sundry that Dr Samura Kamara, who is a seasoned technocrat and financial administrator that has brought so many laurels and accolades to the country’s past economic glories, should be entrusted with the mandate of governing Sierra Leone come June 24.


“No amount of intimidation and threat from anyone will stop the APC party from campaigning in any part of the country as Sierra Leone belongs to all of us,” he resisted, and reiterated that the developmental trajectories initiated by the last APC administration will continue in not only Koindu, but Kailahun District and the whole country.


On how liberal and democratic the APC party is, Hon Bah said: “It’s only under the APC party’s that the people of Sierra Leone enjoyed a democratic space and all forms of freedoms “.


On his way to the town of Koindu, Hon Chrenor Bah was abruptly stopped by the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Kailahun District Chairman Sahr Ahmed Lamin on orders from above.


The punctuation of the APC Leader however ignited desperate youth and women’s reactions to the scene who called for the removal of the roadblock that was unlawfully mounted by the SLPP Chairman Lamin.


His visit to the business and vast Islamic community was to join Muslims of Kailahun for the occasion of the opening of a new mosque and to deliver a message for and on behalf of the APC standard bearer, Dr Samura Kamara.


Despite his interruption by the SLPP Chairman of the district Lamin, the APC stalwart was was given a stirring welcome in Koindu by the party’s enthusiasts, saying he is a true son of the soil who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the country.

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