• February 16, 2023


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The public would recall that the Hon. Mr. Justice Adrian J. Fisher (J) by Court Orders respectively dated 23rd November 2022 and 27th January 2023 ordered the All People’s Congress Party (hereinafter referred to as the APC) amongst other things to conduct its National Delegates Conference on or before 25th February 2023 to elect its national officers.

It is noted that late afternoon on 15th February 2023, an unsigned draft Court Order materialised purportedly issued by the Hon. Mrs. Justice Hannah Bonnie (J) injuncting a certain ITGC entity from holding a National Delegates Conference between 17th to 19th February 2023. This Court order has been mischievously interpreted by certain persons to mean that the APC has been injuncted from proceeding with its scheduled National Delegates Conference in Makeni on 17th, 18th and 19th February 2023.

A message posted on the Judiciary of Sierra Leone official twitter handle (@JudiciaryofSL at about 20:19 GMT on 15th January 2023 which reads “The High Court Judge, Justice H. Bonnie has slammed an interim injunction restraining the ITGC of the main opposition APC from holding the National Delegate Conference slated for 17-19 Feb in Makeni City pending the hearing and determination of the application”, has further compounded the uncertainty of Court Orders issued by the judiciary of Sierra Leone especially when it sought to restrain the dead.

We note that this purported court action is different from that presided over by the Hon. Mr. Justice Adrian J. Fisher (J) and the APC is neither a party to this fresh action nor was it referenced in the body, content and spirit of the purported Court Order that followed it.

That being the case and as a law-abiding party, the APC is committed to strictly follow to the letter the Orders of the Hon. Justice Adrian J. Fisher (J) respectively dated 23rd November 2022 and 27th January 2023.

Therefore, the Interim Transitional Governance Committee of the APC will proceed with the Party’s National Delegates Conference scheduled for 17th, 18th, and 19th February 2023.





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