• March 6, 2023

Samura Kamara Engage Former Aspirants

Samura Kamara Engage Former Aspirants
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By Henry Kargbo

The opposition All People’s Congress (APC) leader and standard dearer for the June elections, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara last Thursday 2nd March 2023 engaged former fellow flagbearer aspirants in a fruitful discussion at his Wellington Street in Freetown. 

The meeting with his APC comrade was geared enhancing unity and corporation among all political heavyweights withing and work in strong collaboration towards collectively promotion the APC agenda making sure they secure sound victory come June 24.

Addressing his fellow comrades, Dr. Samura Kamara disclosed that they convened the gathering with ideas of putting the APC on the same page, resolve challenges and make good sound decisions moving the APC to victory. He underscored the need for public confidence along with strength in the APC which he said can grow well when party members work together as one. “A unified APC can be better plan and execute successful campaigns in line with the party’s ideas,” he said.


Dr Samura Kamara expressed optimism that if the party is successful in the June 24th 2023 presidential elections it will be closer to implementing its policy goals for the benefits of all Sierra Leonean.

He noted that financial and human capital, among other APC assets are more effectively deployed when the party is united, adding that a greater and more efficient impacts and accomplishments of the party’s goals can result from such team spirits.

Dr Samura Kamara said party cohesion is crucial to the success of the APC to make effective decisions, which will present a strong public image and develop effective campaign strategies and better utilise resources put together by party members.

He inspired confidence in supporters and pledged to work towards national unity and the build a more cooperative and effective government by bringing people together, reassuring that he is a strong and capable leader who can gain public trust, which is crucial for good governance, noting that without doubt he is a leader ready to lead.

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