• November 2, 2023


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Good evening esteemed guests, honourable dignitaries, members of the press, and the vibrant Africell family.

It’s a profound moment for me to stand before you, not just as the MD of Africell Sierra Leone, but as a passionate believer in the transformative power of technology. When we started our journey in Sierra Leone, we envisioned more than just being a telecom company; we aimed to be catalysts for change, bridging gaps, and helping Sierra Leoneans realize their potentials.


In a nation where communication is paramount for social and economic growth, Africell has risen to the challenge. We have not only provided access to mobile networks but have continually strived to improve connectivity and services for the people of Sierra Leone.


Africell has been instrumental in connecting the unconnected, bridging the digital divide, and enabling millions of Sierra Leoneans to access the benefits of the digital age. Through our innovative services and commitment to expanding our network coverage, we have played a pivotal role in enhancing education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.


One of the remarkable aspects of Africell’s approach is our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We have invested in various community development projects, including education, healthcare programs, and youth empowerment. This dedication to improving the quality of life for Sierra Leoneans goes beyond being just a telecommunications provider; it demonstrates our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

It feels like just yesterday when we embarked on this path with GSM two decades ago; a technology that introduced Sierra Leoneans to the world of mobile communication. From the simplicity of voice calls and text messages, we evolved to 3G, embracing faster data and clearer calls. Then came 4G, where we leaped into a world of streaming, browsing, and instant connectivity. Now, 5G stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and development.


Tonight, we are unveiling our 5G trial and use the CBD as a demonstration and a testbed for our customer and to the many engineers that are working hard to learn about this new technology and have the needed exposure. Tonight, we make this vision a reality and together we take a great leap towards digitalization.


This evolution to 5G is more than hitting technological milestones; it’s a chronicle of our promise to Sierra Leone – a promise to keep pushing boundaries, to innovate, and to bring the latest and the best to the heart of our nation. It’s been a remarkable journey, and every step was taken hand in hand with you, our customers and our partners. Our journey has been both transformative and inspiring.

5G is not just about faster internet; it’s about redefining how we communicate, work, and thrive. It’s about empowering every student accessing remote education, every doctor conducting telehealth consultations, every entrepreneur starting a digital venture, and every citizen dreaming of a connected future.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Government of Sierra Leone, the Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation Hon. Salima Bah; the Chairman of Board of Directors NatCa Ambassador Joe Blell and the Director General of NaTCA Mr. Amara Brewah, for their unwavering support and belief in our mission. Collaboration is the heart of innovation, and together, we’ve started scripting a new digital narrative for Sierra Leone.

To the Africell team, your dedication and spirit has been the driving force behind this monumental achievement. Every late night, every brainstorming session, and every hurdle overcome has led us to this moment.

To our esteemed customers, this upgrade demonstration is for you. It’s our promise to continue providing you with world-class services, ensuring that you are not left behind in this digital age. We are excited for you to experience the magic of 5G, the seamless streaming, the instant downloads, and the boundless opportunities.


At Africell, our commitment extends beyond the realms of telecommunications. We hold a deep-rooted belief that our role in Sierra Leone transcends business; it’s personal, it’s about building a family. Every initiative, every program is a testament to our respect for and dedication to the people of Sierra Leone.


Whilst we celebrate a significant milestone tonight, remember it’s only the beginning. It’s the first page of a new chapter, and with your support, we look forward to scripting many more success stories in the pages of Sierra Leone’s digital history.


Thank you, and let’s embrace the future, today.

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