• January 13, 2023

Teacher with 28 Years’ Experience Weeps After Bio’s 2021 Audit Report Confirms Trillions Stolen

Teacher with 28 Years’ Experience Weeps After Bio’s 2021 Audit Report Confirms Trillions Stolen
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By Abu Shaw in London 

A teacher with 28 years of experience has cried his heart out in the aftermath of the recently released SLPP govt 2021 Audit Report in Sierra Leone.

The recently released SLPP government 2021 Audit Report that confirms the siphoning of trillions of Leones has ostensibly forced an experienced but poorly paid teacher in Sierra Leone to cry on social media. This is the story of Teacher Shek, a classroom teacher of 28 years of experience who decided to share his pain after hearing about the trillions of Leones misappropriated by the ruling SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio at a time when millions of Sierra Leoneans are facing historic hardship and untold suffering beyond belief due to poor governance and rampant corruption in the corridors of power. Like millions of citizens feeling the brunt of socio-economic bondage under the failed Bio presidency, Teacher Shek is overtly disappointed in the Ministry of Education. (Photo: Basic Education Minister Dr David Moinina Sengeh, the worst Minister in years).

Called only as Shek on his latest audio, Teacher Shek disclosed that he has never been so ashamed and embarrassed by his wife and children as he did this Christmas holiday in 2022. He said: “I promised my family that when I received my salary, I will take them out for a merry Christmas. Unfortunately, I could not get my salary of a mere 1.2 million Leones (equivalent to US100 dollars). The lowest of my low came when my children said ‘Papa you promised to take us out. What happened?’ Ashamed than never before, I responded by soaking Gari and sugar in a bowl and sharing it with my impoverished family. Lost for words, I reassured my children and wife that I will take them out whenever I receive my salary as promised.”

“But Christmas and New Year came and went, no salary was paid. This is very disappointing indeed. The Education Ministry and President Bio’s SLPP government in general have let the teachers down. I will never forgive this government,” Teacher Shek unavoidably cursed and swore all those who stole national coffers as noted in the 2021 Audit Report for selfish gains. The lack of timely payments of wages to teachers and other public servants has become the norm today. For this to happen in the midst of trillions of Leones being stolen is clearly unacceptable and unforgivable. Millions of Sierra Leoneans have the same feeling as poor Teacher Shek. This is the implicit message from the 2021 Audit Reports: “We are thieves and corrupters of national coffers.” It was virtually no surprise for the majority of Sierra Leoneans when the Audit Report of 2021 came out last week that heralded the massive misappropriation of trillions of Leones of public money.

Unashamedly, President Bio’s fraudulent SLPP regime has publicly accepted stealing the people’s money, a typical example of a corrupt administration shooting itself in the foot without any remorse for wrongdoing. It clearly exonerates the Bio critics who continuously accused the current administration of comprising thieves and crooks. Sierra Leoneans are demanding an immediate explanation from the government as to why the 2021 Audit Report has to indict the SLPP government of massive corruption in these trying times. Suffering citizens cannot accept that trillions of Leones of national coffers could not be accounted for. The acceptance of the missing trillions was made public by the fraudulent SLPP regime of President Bio. Never in the history of Sierra Leone budgeting has a government come out openly to confess that they have stolen the people’s money.

This is according to the Auditor General’s Annual Report of the Account of Sierra Leone which was tabled on 22 December 2022 in Parliament. The revised budget and actual expenditure revealed that these monies were utilised by some Ministries, Department and Agencies MDAs without no justification. This is exactly what the ruling SLPP government of President Bio has done in the aftermath of the recent release of the 2021 Auditor General’s report. This latest SLPP Audit Report has come after the internationally respected Auditor General Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce was unlawfully sacked by President Bio for very dubious reasons which captivated the attention of the International Auditing Commission. (Photo: President Bio has destroyed Sierra Leone).

In her place, was appointed diehard SLPP party members to head the Sierra Leone Audit Commission. Despite the national and global outcry and condemnation, the corrupt Bio presidency did not reverse its negative decisions against Lara Taylor-Pearce. It is the new Auditor General and the team whose report has confirmed the siphoning of trillions of Leones from the national coffers which are yet to be accounted for. The reports even accused the Office of the President of misappropriating billions of Leones. The lack of accountability since April 2018 has caused the Teachers like Mr Shek to go months without pay. Also, President Bio successfully deceived Sierra Leoneans and the world by declaring ‘Free Quality Education’ in their manifesto, which ultimately became a deceptive tool for fool Sierra Leone voters and global partners. Today, every parent is suffering because of the non-existent of the bogus ‘Free Quality Education’. More on the disastrous 2021 Audit Reports thus


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