• January 13, 2023

VIP Supplies Police Quality Rice

VIP Supplies Police Quality Rice
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Clarifications has been made that the story ran in page 3 of Monday 9th January 2023 edition of this medium: “Gtext, VIP Supply Rotten Rice to Police” is erroneous.

It was later explained by experts at the Sierra Leone Police Procurement Department that they have never receive such a rice product of that nature, as further clarifications indicated that the police has always receive quality rice products from their supplier, the VIP Trading Company.

The service provider also confirmed that it has not delivered such product to its client since it took up the task of supplying police rice.

In honour of an invite extended to this medium by the SLP Procurement Department at the police headquarters on George Street in Freetown, it was also confirmed by personnel after the other that they are not in receipt of what was wrongly reported as a ‘rotten rice’. The contractor, VIP Trading Company, a very professional and credible service provider has never deliver such product to its aforesaid client the SLP.

With these clarifications by both the contractor and the SLP Procurement Department, which provide a clear picture of the rice product, this medium can therefore prominently report that both the service provider and the client did a very good job for the police, for which the management of the SLP and the VIP Trading Company are highly commended by personnel across the country for meeting the force’s requirements.

The contractor which is the certified police rice supplier is on good records for always providing the SLP with standard and quality services in a timely manner.

Contrary to what was reported, the VIP Trading Company who meritoriously won the police rice contract, has never been in exchange of ‘kickbacks’ with the Inspector General of Police, whose leadership is working relentlessly to motivate his personnel.

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