• August 21, 2023

Toothless Bull Dogs at Public Hospitals

Toothless Bull Dogs at Public Hospitals
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Hospitals the world over are known for hosting and providing care for the sick dissected by departments and wards. Many modernised hospitals also operate a cost-recovery unit that handles the sales of essential drugs at an affordable cost for all to have access to drugs for meditational purposes, separate from the dispensary.

Reliable source reaching the Forum News SL revealed that it has come to the notice of the government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation that the frequent shortage of formalin liquid across major government hospitals in the country reaches an alarming rate.

Sources furthered that the government in an attempt to gather sufficient evidence to ascertain the correctness of their intelligent, has secretly deployed military officers for the said purpose in major government hospitals in country.

Investigation carried out by the Forum News SL at the Connaught hospital revealed that the secret military officers deployed at the facility’s mortuary are mere toothless bull dogs, enjoying special duty allowances while trading on the formalin continues unhindered.

Investigations have it that buyers of the formalin at the Connaught hospitals, who are mostly local manufacturers of Kush, settles on the other side of the Lightfoot Boston Street facing the mortuary.

Forum News SL in an effort to unearth the reasons behind the military officers sudden change from performing state duty but ended commercialising the same released that the amount of money local Kush manufacturers are readily willing to dash officers who intercepted them stands hard to reject by any government officials.

Local Kush manufacturers without any hesitation are willing to dash security officers One Million Old Leones (Le1, 000,000) just to get away with a smallest size of an injection bottle filled with formalin liquid, inside source revealed.

The commercialisation of official duty by state security personnel has delay government move to gather facts that would have leads to the arrests, prosecution and sentence to demonstrate deterrent, investigations unearth.

In-depth probing of the effects of the frequent shortage of formalin at the country’s main referral hospital Connaught, always cause the decay of the remains of loved ones at the mortuary some time back also has something to do with the insufficient amount of formalin applied to dead bodies.

This medium was also reliably informed that similar situation happens in all of public hospitals.

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