• November 8, 2023

Waterloo Is Divided into Four Zones – WARDC Chairman

Waterloo Is Divided into Four Zones  – WARDC Chairman
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BY Foday Jalloh

The newly elected chairman of the Western Rural Area District Council, Chairman Kasho Holland Cole, has disclosed to FORUM NEWS about the division of Waterloo Zones. He noted that the Western Rural District under his leadership is now divided into four zones.

He stated that the said mapping and demarcation of the said zones was done by him for better development allocation to specific zones that he noted will be driven by needs assessment.

The WARDC Chairman, Kasho Joseph Holland Cole recently made the disclosure within the premises of Lion Mountain Radio situated at Waterloo in the rural district.

Chairman Cole furthered that his determination as elected chairman of the rural district is to work for the development of the district especially in the most pressing areas of the district that are in need of real help like electricity, proper road networks and water facilities during his second term of office banking on the degree of confidence bestowed on him by the people to led them again for another term.

“I am still the chairman for the Western Rural District Council despite the fact that I am from the opposition party however, I am in the capacity to serve all and not just members and supporters of the All People’s Congress,” said the rural district council Chairman who promised to work with and for all.

Chairman Kasho Holland Cole encouraged the people of his district to be law abiding and also strive to work towards national interest and not self.

He admitted that the Western Rural District will join President Julius Maada Bio in the implementation of government’s ‘Feed Salone’ agenda as. Chairman Cole expressed desires for the entire district’s commitments to going into full-scale mechanized farming considering the vast land available in the district for farming.

He promised to implement the by-laws that will encourage the tidiness of the district and discourage indiscriminate throwing of thrash in public place will warrant prosecution to prevent deterrent.

Chairman Kasho Joseph Holland Cole called on the people of the Western Area Rural District to corporate with the Council that consists of thirty councilors excluding him, pointing out that Western Area Rural District Council relies heavily on taxes and donor support for the development of the council community development programmes and project.

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