• November 6, 2023

Will Bio accept to release APC Prisoners?

Will Bio accept to release APC Prisoners?
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Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are asking whether President Julius Maada Bio will accept to release all political prisoner of the opposition All People’s Congress as mandated by the recent signed communiqué.


The fear of citizens is that, President Julius Maada Bio might change his mind to only release a sizable number of APC political prisoners instead of all of them.


According to impeccable sources within the precincts of the SLPP Headquarters in Freetown, president Julius Maada will be hesitant to release all of the APC political prisoners because a good number of were allegedly killed during the Pademba road prison shooting which led to the killing of dozens of inmates.


According to the APC Hon. Member of Parliament from Bombali district, Hon. Catherine Zainab Tarawalie, after the killing of Makeni youth during the protest for their generator, those that were arrested and incarcerated at Pademba road maximum prison, after the release of some of the youth, they told parents and family members of those they perceived to have been held in Pademba road prison, that they didn’t see them, and that they are no longer in Pademba road prison.


Same applies to those arrested in Lunsar, as plenty of them were allegedly missing at the Pademba road prison.


Many say in case those imprisoned at the Pademba road prison are been included in the APC list and are requested for by the party and they are nowhere to be found, what will be the action of the APC party.


Many Sierra Leoneans opened that this signed dialogue communiqué will eventually tear into pieces should president Julius Maada Bio refused to accept the release of all APC political prisoners.

Citizens whose family members were arrested for riot or protests related offenses upon hearing or reading the communiqué that those arrested those incidents will be released, felt relieved and are patiently waiting to see their loved one been released from prison.


But some are still wondering whether their family members are still dead or alive.

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