• November 6, 2023

Lungi in Constant Power cut

Lungi in Constant Power cut
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By Donstance Koroma

The long standing electricity power continues to grip Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom, Lungi town, Port Loko district, North West Region that disputable happens to be the country’s only international gate way as many inhabitants of the chiefdom has referred to the said situation as an irony in reality.


As the saying goes, first impression goes a long way can be related to the impression or feelings first time foreigners jetting into the country will have by to the realization that Sierra Leone chiefdom that hosted the country international gateway still struggling with persistent power cut for close to twenty years.


Staff of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) continues to shift the blame on the aged machines, equipment, irregular and insufficient supply of fuel to the Lungi EDSA sub section.


According to the reasons stated above, cannot be unconnected to the reason why EDSA Lungi sub section continues to rationing the supply of electricity whenever they are supply with fuel.


Before the current electricity power cut that has spanned unto two months now, Kaffu Bullom chiefdom was benefiting from electricity from the hours of 6pm in the evening to 2am in the morning on alternative days to the various community sections in the chiefdom and its environs.


On the other hand, the public continues to strongly accused EDSA in the habit of selling huge quantity of fuel whenever appreciable amount of fuel is made available to the chiefdom at the detriment of the chiefdom.


Senior engineer at the ESDA Lungi substation, name upheld conferred to Forum News that the situation goes beyond the selling of fuel as alleged by the general public. He revealed that the present plant and equipment currently in used are out-dated and as such, encounter frequent mechanical failures.


He added that heads of the substation has made those excesses known to EDSA Headquarters, Sheka Stevens street, and Freetown for attention severally but to no avail, he said.


As an engineer, we are aware about the dangers associated with the chiefdom hosting the country international airport not having constant electricity supply, but noted however that they can’t do without it because the technical and financial problems responsible are  yet to be address by those that are supposed to,   He told Forum News .


The young and promising engineer is however optimistic that with the government determination to make the Lungi bridge and the intended international conference centre in Lungi  a reality,  there is every possibility  that Kaffu Bullom chiefdom will be given the require attention in respect to constant electricity supply.


Reading from the face and body language of the engineer ,  Lungi will continues to find themselves in such a situation because authorities responsible to address the issues of the aged plant  and the insufficient supply of fuel are treating the reality with a pinch of salt .

“I cannot categorically state when this sad reality will change because am not in the helm of affairs” the engineer said.


The situation in Lungi and its environs is becoming on becoming as citizens have started rising eyebrows over the fact that their electric meters are having units but they hardly utilize the said facility due to the fault of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority, Lungi substation.

Like many low income earners across districts and headquarters towns that are privilege to be enjoying electricity supply, similarly so in the case of Lungi that many low income earners has resort to the selling of cold water and locally produce drinks and ginger beer as major source of income that has been interrupted following the two months constant black out engulfing the chiefdom.


Chiefdom authorities has been blamed for keeping a blind eyes over present electricity power cut simply because they can afford the cost of purchasing fuel for their generators and plants in their various homes.


Endurances of the people of Kaffu Bullom seem running out with smells of protests that have the potential of graduating into violence if something urgent is not done to reverse this ugly trend especially when the Christmas festive season is swiftly approaching.

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