• August 25, 2023

Pee Cee and Sons in Agricultural Mockery

Pee Cee and Sons in Agricultural Mockery
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When the news about one of Sierra Leone’s popular trading company of long standing venturing into agriculture appear to many as a novelty, taking considering the entity’s financial capacity.

From a national development angle, the decision by Pee Cee and Sons targeting onions and the country’s staple food rice for cultivations was acclaimed by development experts operating in country. With Pee Cee and Sons’ real nomenclature, as a group of companies, finds itself among the leading importers of what most Sierra Leoneans consume, that venturing into agriculture productivity probably with value addition, will certainly reduce expenditure on importation and promote export gradually.

Forum News SL has come to the realisation that Pee Cee and Sons much trumpeted mechanise agriculture proves to be a mere mockery of government and Bio’s Feed Salon initiative.

Two years down the line when Pee Cee and Sons ventured into onion cultivation, the country witnessed an unprecedented increase in the price of onion, yet, no Pee Cee and Sons’ onion is seen in the market today to address onion scarcity, irrespective of the fact that the crop planting and harvesting periods span between three to six months.

Fears grip many in the business sector for Pee and Sons not to use its political influence in the Bio led SLPP administration to monopolise the feed the nation project, with the pretext of the cultivation of onions as it has always be for most of the commodities imported by Pee Cee and Sons, while other competent companies with the better capacity to implement such government project may be left out in the event the Indian investor is awarded the contract.

Ironically, Pee Cee and Sons continues to bank on manual labour and tools to actualise their said ambitious agricultural dream.

A trading company with an appreciable financial net worth flooded their agriculture stores with crude agriculture tools and equipment instead of agricultural machineries to venture into 21 Century mechanise agriculture.

Voices from Pee Cee and Sons farm lands are wailing due to the amount of labour they must employ manually on a daily basis with ancient agricultural tools and equipment.

Sources from the corridor of government have it that a hand full of international companies with reputable track records has vested interest investing into mechanise agriculture in various part of the country.

With the country’s Local Content Policy taking its grip, it is but advisable that Pee Cee and Sons step up its game to match both local and international competitions that awaits them in the coming years.

Consumer protection activists have intimated the Forum News SL that Pee and Sons account for the highest number of expired goods in the market.

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